Bangkok Zoo – Xmas Day 2009

These photos were taken at Bangkok Zoo on Christmas Day (25th December) 2009. We haven’t spent time together since this day, despite me exhausting effort to make it happen through various channels.

I had moved to Phuket after the break-up with your mother and took a bus journey from Phuket to Bangkok so I could spend time with you. I stayed at Pallazo Hotel in Huay Kwang district and met with your Aunt (Pa) Nid and Grandmother (Yai) the day after arriving. Your mum wasn’t present. We met at one of the large shopping malls in Siam, possibly Siam Paragon. It was so nice to see you after being apart for 3 months.

We took a taxi to Bangkok Zoo and the driver got confused and took us to Dusit hotel instead of Dusit zoo! I had to phone your aunt Nid to ask her to explain to the driver that it was Dusit zoo we wanted to be taken to and not Dusit hotel, which she kindly did.

We spent several hours at the zoo and you seemed happy seeing the animals. It was quite difficult as your aunt forgot to give me your baby bag with nappies and bottles. I think they (Pa & Yai) were anxious due to the situation that had unfortunately come about and that at the time I was still fully unaware of.

We returned at the agreed time mid-afternoon and I handed you back to Pa & Yai. You were so happy to see Yai and gave her big hugs. I didn’t know at the time but you were living with her, hence being so close. Previously we would visit your Yai and Sam Pak Nam maybe once a month when living in Khon Kaen, though this became more frequent in 2009, prior to your mum and I splitting up.

I spoke with Nid about seeing you again and it was said it would all be arranged. After this day all contact was broken off.